Who are Tank Vision?

Tank Vision specialise in the installation, service, refurbishment and maintenance of commercial and industrial water storage tanks.

Tank Vision - Stainless steel tanks

What does Tank Vision do?

Tank Vision supplies, installs, services and refurbishes a wide variety of tanks each specifically designed to suit client specification.

Tank Vision - Water Storage Tanks

Strength and Durability

Our tanks come with 10 year warranty and up to 25 year design life. We have recently completed several major projects, which include Woolworths and XStrata.

Tank Vision - Galvanised Tanks

Tank refurbishment

Tank Vision are experts in the refurbishment of cast iron, steel and concrete tanks.

Please contact us for more details.

Tank Vision - Industrial tanks

Leaking concrete tanks?

Tank Vision offer various solutions to these problems including installation of PVC liners and removal and replacement of fittings.

Tank Vision - Tank Installation, Service and Refurbishment

Install Service Refurbish

Tank Vision - Stainless Steel Tanks

Tank Vision was established to provide the following services:

  • Supply and installation of water storage tanks.
  • Removal and replacement of existing failed tanks.
  • Re-coat cast iron tanks.
  • AS1851 three-yearly and five yearly Inspections.
  • Drain down, clean and sterilise potable water tanks
  • Replace/Install P.V.C. liners. 
  • Install ladders/platforms to AS1657. 
  • Install level indicators. 
  • Replace fittings. 
  • Repair or replace roofing. 
  • Visual tank inspections complete with photo.